Local Support Scotch Hall

We are delighted to have teamed up with Scotch Hall Shopping Centre to provide a vital communications link for the services provided by the Boyne Fishermen's Rescue and Recovery Service.
With our recent communications upgrade, EMR Integrated Solutions were able to provide a state of the art Motorola Turbo net system for the service.
All services and communication s provided by the Boyne Fishermen's Rescue and Recovery Service are now on a private encrypted channel assisted by the Turbo net system.
This means only the organization can communicate on this channel with nobody is able to listen in on. All vehicles and vessels operated by the service have now been refit
Scotch Hall Shopping Centre have fitted radio repeaters to the building which allows us to be able to broadcast and recieved radio communications for the service.
This means crews could be at slane castle , Clogherhead ,Laytown and still be able to communicate with our base on the Marsh Road in Drogheda.
This is another step forward for the service and shows the community that fundraising efforts are been invested into providing the best possible professional service to the community.