Mobile 3

Rescue Van

Our newest response vehicle the meduim wheeled based Ford transit has the call sign MOBILE 3. Mobile 3 responds to all Emergency Calls and deploys directly to the scene of an incident providing an additional mobile unit containing crew and specialist equipment.

The Mobile 3 unit is crewed by three on call members who are also highly trained in first aid and water rescue. In the event of an Emergency, Mobile 3 arrives on scene within minutes of the pagers being activated to support the on scene crew and mobile 2 unit, if needs be its crew can be kitted up and in the water with a casualty or assisting the swimmer in a matter of seconds after arriving at the incident location. 

At the same time our inshore rescue boat will have been launched from the boathouse and will pick up both casualty and the swift water rescue swimmers. 

If the incident is ongoing Mobile 3 can be used as the radio command unit with a power supply to maintain radio communication throughout the incident ,provide a base unit for crew briefing and a welfare unit.

Mobile 3 carries a range of specialist equipment such as: 

Resuscitation Equipment and Oxygen
Spinal Immobilization Equipment
Heart Defibrillators
First Aid Equipment
Specialised Rope Rescue Equipment
Person Protection Equipment (for rescue swimmers)

Beach Rescue / Tow Equipment

Search Equipment

Dive Equipment


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