We would like to clarify we as the Boyne Fishermen's Rescue and Recovery Service are still continuing and have been assisting with our community call service as we continue with level 5 lockdown.
We provide our services 365 Days a year 24/7 so it's business as usual for us,with not just offering one service a time to the community but multiple services.
We have played our part in helping fight against Covid-19 in the first lockdown by Medication delivering, shopping deliveries ,transfers etc for the local community.
On a national scale we have prepared thousands of PPE & Swab Kits for the National Ambulance Service , assisted in multiple Covid 19 test centres and hubs ,while also delivering vital equipment & PPE to various locations such as ambulance stations , nursing homes & Hospitals etc throughout Ireland.
We have also assisted various other groups, organizations and businesses that can't be named due to data protection act.
We partnered up with Meath / Louth PPN as a contact in the Drogheda area along side Louth / Meath County Council Covid support lines as support for anyone who may need it.
This is just the tip of the iceberg and we will continue to assist when and where we can.
We hope everyone is staying safe and thanks to everyone for there constant support !