Callt 09/05/2020 21/20

This afternoon shortly before 15.30hrs while crews had been conducting our virtual 612 km virtual cycle fundraiser the Boyne Fishermen's Rescue and Recovery Service, we had been alerted to a incident on the Donors Green area.

We dispatched a mobile unit to the location while the inshore rescue boat had began to launch and awaited further information.

Crews observed a group of youths who had been under the influence at the rivers edge attempting to enter the water for the "fun of it " due to hot weather conditions we experienced today.

Our mobile unit crew had a chat with the group and gave a insight into the risks ,safety issues and dangers associated with entering and messing around the waterways. Following the conversation it was pointed out that some of the group could not swim.

We urge people to remain within the 5km of their home and not to be participating in water related activities which may cause harm.

Crews handed over to Gardai and were stood down returning to base to wash,restage and fuel the equipment.