Call-out 31/12/2020 64/20

* Possible Person in the Water *
This evening shortly before 20.10pm the Boyne Fishermen's Rescue and Recovery Service emergency paging system was activated to reports of a possible person after entering the river Boyne at the Labour exchange area.
We immediately dispatched our inshore rescue boat and our scene crew to the location of the incident.
Our mobile 1 unit with 2 rescue swimmers arrived on scene within 3 minutes.Updates received were a car had been abandoned at the rivers edge with the door open.
There was a strong possibility that a person had entered the water following the overall situation.
Our inshore rescue boat conducted a search from the viaduct to St Mary's Bridge while land teams searched the river banks nearby.
A second inshore rescue boat was launched and our mobile 2 & 3 unit also arrived on scene to provide additional crew , equipment and on scene command of the incident.
Our underwater search unit was tasked to the incident and arrived swiftly with our Dive unit preparing to undertake a number of dives in the area.
Thankfully as the divers began to enter the water to undertake the dives, a stand down was recieved following the missing person returning to the area.
All crews were stood down returning to the Boathouse to wash ,restage and Sanitize all the equipment used on tonight's call so it is ready for the next tasking.