Call-out 31/01/2021 06/21

* 4x4 Assistance Required *
Today at 15.52pm the Boyne Fishermen's Rescue and Recovery Service was requested to assist at Mornington beach at maiden's tower.
Following the tasking it was to reports of a member of the public getting their car stuck in the soft sand at the beach.The owner was beginning to panic due to the location of the car.
We immediately dispatched one of our 4x4 units ,mobile 1 and a crew to the scene.
On arrival crews observed a car in the sand,with the quick thinking and actions from crew the vehicle was safely removed from the sand and escorted back to the nearby road.
All crews were stood down returning to the Boathouse to wash ,restage and Sanitize all the equipment used on the call so it is ready for the next tasking.