Call-out 26/05/2020 23/20


This evening shortly before 17.53hrs the emergency paging system for the Boyne Fishermen's Rescue and Recovery Service was activated requesting the teams assistance with a multiple call.

The first call was to check out the reports of a home made raft possibly on the canal section of the river Boyne with multiple personnel on board and it was fear the raft may get into difficulty.

A search was conducted of the area with nothing to report.

The second tasking was to reports of a group of teenagers in difficulty in the water at the Townley hall area of the river Boyne.

We dispatched immediately a mobile unit containing swiftwater rescue personnel to the location of the incident,this was backed up by our 2 additional vehicles and tender rescue unit.

On arrival crews received an update that the group had moved area and the crews had been diverted to the salmon traps area of the river Boyne.

We used our 4x4 vehicle to cross fields after spotting the group.As we got near the teenagers had exited the water swiftly and ran ,crew members managed to have a conversation with some of the youths explaining and advising on the health and safety issues of the water and surrounding area.

Crews were stood down returning to base to wash,restage and fuel the equipment.