Call-out 22/09/2021 29/21 * Missing Persons Search*

Boyne Fishermen's Rescue emergency paging system activated at 19.19pm last night.
Assistance was requested following reports of a high risk missing persons which was feared may have attempted or already had entered the water.
Crews quickly mustered at our boathouse where a brief was given on the incident. We dispatched our inshore rescue boat ,our Mobile 1,2 & 3 unit and multiple land search teams.
The inshore rescue boat commenced search operations at various points of interest on the river Boyne and surrounding water ways.
Our Mobile units and land search teams conducted a organized search of forestry , river banks ,local reservoirs ,farm areas and local areas of interest.
Throughout the night our Mobile units continued to search , monitor and maintain a presence at various locations within the Drogheda and surrounding boundaries.
Shortly before 04.30am crews returned to base to restage equipment and prepare for first light search's.
At first light search teams resumed after a short period thankfully alerted the missing persons was located safe and well.
Crews returned to base to wash ,restage and sanitize equipment in the event of another tasking.