Call out 22/03/20 13/20


This evening at 20.25pm the Boyne Fishermen's Rescue and Recovery Service recieved a call for assistance / 4x4 rescue on bettystown beach where a vehicle had became stuck in the soft sand at the beach.

We immediately dispatched our 4x4 unit and crew to the location of the incident,on arrival crew met with Laytown Gardai and the car owner were a plan was discussed.

While we proceeded to retrieve the car that was stuck in the soft sand ,the crew were informed of a second vehicle which also became stuck further up the beach at the Mornington bar in the soft sand.

A short time later both cars where towed back to safety and on their way.

Crews returned back to base where they washed, refueled and restaged the equipment awaiting another call.

We urge members of the public not to drive by the NO DRIVE BY signs that are located at both ends of the beach.