Call-out 16/01/2021 3/21

* Assistance Required *
Last night shortly before 21.42pm the Boyne Fishermen's Rescue and Recovery Service received a call for assistance from the East Meath Defibrillator Unit on Mornington beach.
We sent our Mobile 1 unit to the location who met with East Meath Defibrillator Unit and where informed that the liferings in the area had been discarded from their housing.
East Meath Defibrillator Unit contacted us to ensure that the liferings be restaged correctly as these are a life saving floatation device.
Following the completion of the restaging Ashbourne Gardai had been informed on the incident and keen for some information.
This is an ongoing incident within the area with crew and members of the public constantly restaging liferings.
Crews were stood down returning to the Boathouse to wash ,restage and Sanitize all the equipment used on tonight's call so it is ready for the next tasking.