Call-out 15/02/2021 08/21

* Persons Reported in Water *
Boyne Fishermen's Rescue emergency paging system activated at 19.07pm.
Reports of possible person in the water at Doners Green.
Crews on station could hear panicking & shouts for help in the darkness.
Inshore rescue boat launched and on scene within minutes, lifering discharged by nearby members of the public.
Mobile 1 and scene crew arrived on scene to assist.
Casualty located on the river bank ,extracted safely and transferred to Boyne Fishermen's Rescue Boathouse.
Medical treatment provided by crew in fully equipped medical room.
Handed over to the Drogheda Gardai.
All crews were stood down returning to the Boathouse to wash ,restage and Sanitize all the equipment used on the call so it is ready for the next tasking.