Call-out 11/10/2020 55/20

Last night at 19.58hrs the Boyne Fishermen's Rescue and Recovery Service emergency paging system was activated requesting the teams assistance with a high risk missing persons search.
It was feared they may attempt to enter the water from the Ramparts Area.
Crews quickly mustered with our inshore rescue boat proceeding to the scene rapidly joining our mobile 3 unit which arrived on scene within minutes.
A swift search of the area was conducted,the casualty was successfully located at the waters edge with the combined efforts of the inshore rescue boat and mobiles units
Our Mobile 1 & Mobile 2 crewed with swimmers ,medics and landcrew secured the area from the new slipway at oldbridge down to the ramparts,Joined swiftly by units from Drogheda Gardai.
Crews trained in Mental Health First Aid and Assist Suicide Prevention approached and managed to maintain a stable environment and situation then escorting the casualty to safety and handing over to Drogheda Gardai.
A rapid efficient response of resources to this incident insured prevention and preservation of life.
Crew were stood down returning to base to wash , sanitize and restage equipment in the event of another tasking.