Call-out 10/08/2020 38/20

** Person Riverside of the railings **
At 12.35hrs this afternoon the Boyne Fishermen's Rescue & Recovery Service emergency paging system was activated to the reports a female witnessed on the river side of the railings on Dominic Street Bridge.
We dispatched our inshore rescue boat and scene crew to the location of the incident.
Within minutes the inshore rescue boat was launched and proceeded to the incident while our scene crew arrived.
A search of the area was conducted by Both our land and boat crews of the area.
They were also joined by Drogheda Gardai.
After a period of time searching with no result, a stand down was given as it was deemed a call with good intent.
Crews were stood down returning to base to wash,restage and fuel the equipment.
Other organizations on scene Drogheda Gardai.