Call out 10/04/20 17/20


This morning at 02.01am the Boyne Fishermen's Rescue and Recovery Service emergency paging system was activated requesting the teams assistance with 2 high risk missing persons searches in the Drogheda are

Due to information been received It was fea.ared that 1 of the missing persons may attempt to enter the river Boyne.

Our crews quickly mustered at our boathouse on the marsh road ,while a brief was given and known locations and high risk areas along the river Boyne were delegated to search.

We dispatched our 4 mobile units to various locations to search while the inshore rescue boat was launched and conducted a search of the river from Baltray to Oldbridge.

Shortly before 05.00 am the unit was stood down pending further information and updates with nothing to report.

Crews returned back to base where they washed, refueled and restaged the equipment awaiting another call.

Other agencies on scene Drogheda Gardai.