Call-out 01/11/2020 60/20

Last night at 21.44hrs the Boyne Fishermen's Rescue and Recovery Service emergency paging system was activated requesting the teams assistance on the River Dee in Ardee .
The call of assistance came after a member of the public had tried to rescue there dog from the river bank in ardee but was unsuccessful due to the weather conditions and terrain.
With the fast flowing flood water ,heavy rain , terrain and darkness it was a dangerous environment.
Crews quickly mustered at our boathouse where a brief was given on route.
We dispatched 2 of our 4x4 units crewed with a swift water rescue team to the location while a third team manned the boathouse in the event of a second call.
On arrival crews quickly assessed the scene with no local access to the river and formed a plan.
Crew provided scene lighting ,while members safely worked there way down to the dog thru bushes , greenery and down an embankment to the nearby river bank.
Crews extracted the dog safely which was in a distressed state and wet.
Crews returned the dog home where the owner came to it's care.
Crew were stood down returning to base to wash , sanitize and restage equipment in the event of another tasking.