Call-out 01/01/2021 1/21

* Assistance Required *
This Morning at 09.15am the Boyne Fishermen's Rescue and Recovery Service was requested to assist out at a wildlife lake outside of Dunleer.
The management team of lake had a group of swans on the lake and required assistance to inspect /check and possibly extract a swan from the lake that had been injured.
Due to the nature of the location and area of the lake, the management team contacted us to assist.
We dispatched our Mobile 1 Crew , Mobile 3 Crew and our tender rescue unit to location.
Upon arrival we launched 2 of our rescue tenders in the lake joined by some kayaks to undertake the task.
The low temperatures over night brought some difficulty to the tasking as the surface area of the lake was frozen with some parts frozen as thick as a 18mm .
With the tenders navigating through the ice safely they managed to located the swan and pre planned his extraction.
All crews were stood down a short time later returning to the Boathouse to wash ,restage and Sanitize all the equipment ready for the next tasking.