Incident 27/03/18 Person Attempting to Enter Water 07/18

Yesterday evening ( Tuesday 27th March) while members of the Boyne Fishermen’s Rescue and Recovery Service where beginning to restage there equipment from a previous call out,we were alerted to a possible male en route to enter the water at the oldbridge area of the river Boyne just outside of Drogheda.

Immediately our inshore rescue boat was re launched and made it's way to the location of the incident ,while again 2 mobile units where dispatched to commence search operations along the oldbridge area of the river Boyne.

After a short period of time and search of the area including local access points to the water the crews were stood down after been notified that the male was located safely.

All units were stood down and returned to their Marsh Road Base where they Cleaned and restaged their equipment to have it ready for the next call ou