Incident 24/07/15 -Canoeists Missing - 018/15


At 19.00 hrs yesterday (Friday 24th July) the Boyne Fishermen's Rescue and Recovery Service received a call from a concerned family member.

The call reported that two family members had gone canoeing previously in the day at the oldbridge area and had not returned home at the estimated time they had given to return at.

Immediately the emergency paging system for the Boyne Fishermen’s Rescue and Recovery Service was activated reporting all crew to the boathouse.

Our team quickly assembled at our boathouse on the Marsh Road where immediately a brief was given to the crews on the incident.

An inshore rescue boat was launched from our Marsh Rd base where the crew commenced search operations from the viaduct up to the Boyne cable bridge, while a second inflatable was launched up river at Donore which searched down river to the Boyne cable bridge.

While this was happening 3 mobile units from the B.F.R.R.S. had been deployed to check local areas of access which canoeists use to gain access to the river Boyne.

After a short period of time searching a land unit from the B.F.R.R.S discovered two canoeists packing up which suited the description which was given and thankfully it was them.

They explained that they had lost track of time and there mobile phone batteries had died which meant they couldn’t contact anyone.

The Boyne Fishermen’s Rescue and Recovery Service units returned to their Marsh Road Base. Cleaned and restaged their equipment to have it ready for the next call out

This is a good example why you should always let someone know an estimated time of arrival home when undertaking any activities or going on trips and the location you will be going.