Incident 09/08/18 Persons Reported in the Water 11/18

At 16.21 hrs today( Thursday 9th August ) the Boyne Fishermen’s Rescue and Recovery Service emergency paging system was activated to the reports of a person after entering the river Boyne at Dominic Street Bridge.

Immediately we had dispatched various crews including our inshore rescue boat crew ,Mobile units and Scene crews to the location of the incident.

On arrival of the land crew they observed a male in the water,swift actions and fast thinking from the land crew they successfully rescued the casualty and brought them to land.

A short time later while still on scene a second attempt was made to enter the water by the same casualty,luckily crew managed to prevent this.

Also on scene Drogheda Gardai and Drogheda Coast guard unit.

All units were stood down and returned to their Marsh Road Base where they Cleaned and restaged their equipment to have it ready for the next call out