Incident 03/03/17 – Person reported in the water - 03/17

At 20:30 hrs yesterday evening (Friday 3rd March) The Boyne Fishermen’s Rescue and Recovery Service emergency pagers were activated reporting that a male possibly entered the river Boyne from the obelisk Bridge just outside of Drogheda.
Our team quickly assembled at the boathouse on the Marsh Road and immediately dispatched two mobile units and an inshore rescue boat to the scene of the incident, meanwhile our underwater search team had been alerted.
On arrival to the scene crew members joined Drogheda Coast Guard Unit, Rescue 116, Drogheda Fire & Rescue and Gardai with search operations. We immediately launched an inshore rescue boat and commenced search operations from the obelisk Bridge.
After a period of time searching crew members where notified that Rescue Helicopter 116 had located the casualty and had directed Drogheda Coast Guard boat.
All units were stood down and returned to their Marsh Road Base where they Cleaned and restaged their equipment to have it ready for the next call out.
On scene at yesterday’s incident along with the Boyne Fishermen’s Rescue and Recovery Service were Drogheda Gardai, National Ambulance Service, Drogheda Coast Guard unit, Drogheda Fire & Rescue and Rescue Helicopter 116