Emergency Callout 11/8/19 20/19

Today at 15.32hrs the BFRRS emergency paging system was activated to the reports of a car after entering the river Boyne from the Bankstown area on the Baltray road just outside of Drogheda.

Within minutes of the call our inshore rescue boat had been launched and on route,while our mobile 1 unit proceeded to the location.

Due to the nature of the call,the dive unit had also been paged and was on route to the incident.

As our mobile unit crew arrived on scene, the occupant of the car had managed to get out unharmed and the car was bogged down in the river bed away from the water.

Our mobile unit crew stayed on scene for a short period of time while the recovery of the vehicle was undertaken.

All units were then stood down and returned to our base on the Marsh Road to clean and restage equipment, Ready for next call.